Season 7
Filming Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Season Run 7:00 - 1:00 (CST)
Contestants 14
Winner PrincessLolly
Runner(s)-up Cara DeGrossi
Series Chronology
Previous Season Pompeii
Next Season Cirque du Soleil

Finale: All-Stars is the 7th season of Finale. It premiered on August 7th, 2014. The season had 14 contestants, PrincessLolly being the winner.


Production for All-Stars originally began immediately after the airing of Te Urewera. A thirteen person cast was finalized, and featured Sandara, Evil Valentine, and Tammy, all who were eventually cut. The season was planned to take place after Te Urewera, bue due to popular demand, Pompeii was hosted before it, bumping All-Stars to the 7th season. After Pompeii, the cast was drastically revised, and now included Princess Lolly, Shawn Soup, Jocasta Odom, CJ, and Mooncutter3.

The casting process was complex, and went through many changed before Te Urewera and after Pompeii. Graham and Taco were on an early version of the cast list, but were cut at the post-Te Urewera meeting, due to pressure from fans. Taco was replaced with Evil Valentine. During this meeting, Ariel was also considered by fans, but was ultimately cut in favor of Sandara, who the host considered more "All-Star worthy." Hunter Gatherer and Gingerbread Princess were also considered, but were dropped in favor of Captain Magma and Iggy Koopa, who ended up competing.

Sometime between Pompeii and All-Stars, Katy Perry was demoted to an alternate. Around this time, Thurstee and HeartandSoul were also cast as alternates. Only two members of the officially finalized cast were unable to compete, being Shawn Soup and CJ. Their spots were taken by Katy Perry and Thurstee.


  • Returning Players - Players from previous seasons are brought back for another shot at winning Finale.
  • Fast Forward Remote - An item that allows the player who holds it to skip, or "fast forward" any immunity challenge, Finale, or Grand Finale. The effects of the remote can only be used once.
    • A player can fast forward an immunity challenge if they do not feel in danger or want to strategically keep someone from winning immunity.
    • Finales can be fast forwarded if a player feels in danger of being eliminated. In this case, no one is eliminated and a Double Elimination is held in a future episode.


14th - Mooncutter3

13th - Iggy Koopa

12th - Thurstee

11th - Khai Shing

10th - Katy Perry

9th - Captain Magma

8th - Rylan

7th - King Marshall

6th - Jocasta

5th - London

4th - Carmonta

3rd - Denny

2nd - Cara DeGrossi

1st - PrincessLolly


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