Cirque du Soleil
Season 8
Filming Location Montreal, Quebec
Season Run 6:30-12:00 (CST)
Contestants 12
Winner Mel Abano
Runner(s)-up PinkChick
Series Chronology
Previous Season All-Stars
Next Season Mumbai

Finale: Cirque du Soleil is the 8th season of Finale. It premiered on December 12th, 2014. The season had 12 contestants, Mel Abano  being the winner.


As the 8th season of FinaleCirque Du Soleil was originally planned to take place in Atlantis, however, after a failed attempt, the location was scrapped. After a roughly four month hiatus from All-Stars, Finale spontaneously returned for the next season, which was held in the famous tourist trap, Cirque Du Soleil. 

The season went relatively well, with a solid cast and well-planned challenges. However, the season is remembered for its dysfunctional cast and last-second rule altercations. According to the host, Cirque Du Soleli lands somewhere in the ranks of Broadway and Yukon


  • Double Elimination - Episodes which include two players going home in one Finale.
  • Auction - A physical challenge is replaced by an auction, in which players can buy Rewards, Punishments, Immunity, and other luxury items.
  • Fallen Comrades - A twist in which the final 3 take a portion of time before the final elimination to remember those that they either directly or indirectly eliminate. Contestants are led on a trail holding a post for each previously eliminated contestant. When players reach a post, they are expected to comment on the fallen contestant.


12th - Myrtle & Dell

11th - TacoBellisha

10th - Chris Traeger

9th - Mama Umbridge

8th - Jake

7th - Justin Tyme

6th - Rhys

5th - BurgerKisha

4th - Jaime Edmondson

3rd - Xyliam

2nd - PinkChick

1st - Mel Abano


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