Finale Gameplay
Description A twist that resurrects players who have been eliminated previously in the season and gives them a chance to return.
Appearance(s) Oaxaca
Outcasts is a twist in Finale which resurrects players who have been previously eliminated in the current season. The players compete in a challenge, and the winner is inserted back in the game, for a chance to win the season.




In Oaxaca the Outcasts twist takes place in "Knowing Things Is Mainstream, I Like Surprises", in place of the immunity challenge. Four players return for one more shot, not including BuckleySophie, or Carmonte who were also voted out prior to the twist. 

All four players fought hard in the challenge, which was a reciting of the elimination order of the season thus far, but Lindsey ultimately won, putting her back in the game. Controversy arose when Evil Valentine claimed the challenge was unfair due to the fact that players who made it further were more likely to win. When the argument came that Lindsey was eliminated in the first episode but still won, Evil Valentine said she had won with the assistance of London. 

Lindsey went on to get third place, ultimately being eliminated by Jason who decided to take Cara DeGrossi to the end over her and Will

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