Season 6
Filming Location Pompeii, Rome
Season Run 8:00-12:30(CST)
Contestants 12
Winner BlackCindy
Runner(s)-up Princess Lolly
Returnees PrincessLolly (7)

JocastaOdom (7)

Mooncutter3 (7)

Series Chronology
Previous Season Te Urewera
Next Season All-Stars

Finale: Pompeii is the 6th season of Finale. It premiered on July 17th, 2014. The season had 12 contestants, BlackCindy being the winner.


Pompeii was originally planned to take place after All-Stars, as the seventh season of the series. However, due to preparations for All-Stars taking too long, Pompeii was filmed anyway, drasitcally changing the cast of the next season. 

The season featured brand new challenges including 1-100 Rooms, while bringing back old favorites like the Performance Challenge, originally seen in Broadway. The season was praised for its worthy final seven, but slightly disappointing winner.

After the season aired, the All-Stars cast was altered, with Sandara and Katy Perry from Broadway, Evil Valentine from Oaxaca, and Tammy from Yukon being cut in favor of Princess Lolly, Mooncutter3, CJ, Jocasta Odom, and Shawn Soup.


  • Double Elimination - Episodes which include two players going home in one Finale.
  • Auction - A physical challenge is replaced by an auction, in which players can buy Rewards, Punishments, Immunity, and other luxury items.
  • Fallen Comrades - A twist in which the final 3 take a portion of time before the final elimination to remember those that they either directly or indirectly eliminate. Contestants are led on a trail holding a post for each previously eliminated contestant. When players reach a post, they are expected to comment on the fallen contestant.

Episode Guide Edit

Ep. Episode Title Challenge Immune
1 "Oh, You're Saving The Best For Last" Quote Challenge Staci
2 "I'm From Ireland" Jigsaw Puzzle Staci
3 "It Says So In The Bible" Majority Vote Sahara
Bow  / Tikki
4 "You're As Barren As The Desert" Performance Challenge PrincessLolly  / CJ
5 "I'm An Exiled Princess" Mystery Houses Jocasta Odom / PrincessLolly / Shawn Soup
6 "I Don't Do Gambling" Auction Jocasta Odom
7 "Answer Me One Thing Before You Go" 1-100 Rooms BlackCindy
CJ / Jocasta Odom
8 "She Ruined My Life!" N/A N/A
Shawn Soup


12th - Whitney

11th - ThatAmazing

10th - Bow

9th - Tikki

8th - Mooncrusher3

7th - Sahara

6th - Staci

5th - CJ

4th - Jocasta Odom

3rd - Shawn Soup

2nd - PrincessLolly

1st - BlackCindy


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