Returning Players
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Finale Gameplay
Description A twist where former players are brought back to the game for another chance against new players or other returning players.
Appearance(s) All-Stars
Returning Players is a twist in Finale that offers former contestants the opportunity to return for another shot at winning a season. 



All-Stars seasons feature a cast comprised entirely of returning players. The eponymous season, All-Stars, saw 14 returnees remembered for noteworthy events or qualities from their original season. In Finale, All-Star seasons do not feature teams. 

Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

The Fans vs. Favorites twist sees a team of returning players pitted against a team of "die-hard" fans of the show. The team labeled "Favorites" is comprised of returning players who were well-liked by the audience and were suggested to come back by the fans. A returning player could also be a favorite of the host.

Sweet N' Sour Edit

Original to Finale, the Sweet N' Sour twist pits two teams of returning players against each other. One team is made of pairs of allies or close friends from a past season, known for their friendship and/or sacrifices. This team is known as the "Sweet" team. The opposing team is made up of pairs of enemies or rivals from a previous season, also known as the "Sour" team. It is unknown when the first Sweet N' Sour season will take place.

Returning Players by SeasonEdit

Season Returned to Future Season Season Returned to Future Season
BerwickLogo KingMarshallIcon AllStarsLogo None
OaxacaLogo CaraIconRylanIcon
CirqueLogo None
BroadwayLogo KatyPerryIconCarmontaIcon
YukonLogo IggyKoopaIconKhaiShingIcon
TeUreweraLogo 50pxThursteeIcon
PompeiiLogo PrincessLollyIcon50px50px
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