The Season Rankings are a set of rankings for every season of Finale. The rankings are from the perspective of the host only, and are based not only on live gameplay, but confessionals, post-game records, and other information.

Berwick Castle Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a completely awful season. It wasn't, like, a Seychelles or Namibia or anything like that. It was just... meh. For a first season, I'm lucky I had a season like this, because it worked. Everything worked and went well. The problem is, there's no "wow factor" to this season. None of the characters were ~iconic~ and we all know how badly the Final 5 sucked. Like, the Final 5 of the season was seriously awful. Overall, though, a solid season that was a great starting point for the series. Plus, SG won before it was cool.
Broadway A lot of people argue that this season was really good, but I only agree with that to an extent. I've said it quite a few times that I didn't like the cast of Broadway as much as other seasons. Maybe it was because my expectations are too high coming from a season like Oaxaca, I'm not really sure. I feel like the cast had very little variety. 95% of the players were females, and many of them were either OTTN, or just famewhorish. I still remember Hoda and Kathie Lee's argument going on in the middle of when I was trying to explain a challenge. This is a prime example of how the cast was super attention-seeking. However, it was still a solid season. Great challenges, and some favorites like Ariel, Carmonta, Sandara, and Katy.
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