Te Urewera
Season 5
Filming Location North Island, New Zealand
Season Run 8:00-12:30 (CST)
Contestants 11
Winner Gingerbread Princess
Runner(s)-up Denny Hallman
Returnees Denny Hallman (7)
Thurstee (7)
Contestant Rankings
Series Chronology
Previous Season Yukon
Next Season Pompeii

Finale: Te Urewera is the 5th season of Finale. It premiered on June 7th, 2014. The season had 11 contestants, Gingerbread Princess  being the winner.


Production for Te Urewera did not begin immediately after Yukonas a lenghty hiatus was planned so records for the previous season along with Broadway could be finished. Due to demand, however, the season took place shortly after the previous one, and was a success. Like the previous season, Te Urewera was praised for its strong cast and professional challenges. The roleplay was on high demand due to the fact that it was supposed to be the last one before All-StarsDespite this hype, only one character from the season would go onto compete in All-Stars.  

The season was also praised for the worthy final 5, in contrast to that of Berwick Castle and Broadway.

Production for All-Stars began immediately after with a casting meeting finalizing the contestant list. The cast list changed again after Pompeii.


  • Fallen Comrades - A twist in which the final 3 take a portion of time before the final elimination to remember those that they either directly or indirectly eliminate. Contestants are led on a trail holding a post for each previously eliminated contestant. When players reach a post, they are expected to comment on the fallen contestant.

Episode GuideEdit

Ep. Episode Title Challenge Immune
1 "Being Bitter Isn't Fun" Contestant Coordinates Flynn
2 "THERE'S NO CRYING IN SURVIVAL" Performance Challenge Flynn / Catwoman
Madea / Jamez Emo
3 "Some Kind Of Anxiety Thing" Location Trivia Flynn
4 "I Had To Whore Myself Out" Piss Buckets Flynn
5 "Life's Deciding To Be A Bitch" Recall Rope Cut Denny Hallman
6 "Think About The REAL Jury Threat" Bear Hunt Denny Hallman / Hunter Gatherer
7 "I Have No Arms To Carry Ice Cream" Immunity Vote Denny Hallman
Hunter Gatherer
8 "So That Wasn't Very Nice" N/A N/A


11th - Chelsea

10th - Madea

9th - Jamez Emo

8th - Thurstee

7th - Maleficent 

6th - Catwoman

5th - Flynn

4th - Hunter Gatherer

3rd - Heart and Soul

2nd - Denny Hallman

1st - Gingerbread Princess


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